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The ancient art of handmade inlaid wood since 1897

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    The tradition of Inlaid wood craft in Sorrento has been handed down from father to son since 1897 and it is now a fourth generation family run business. Luca and Augusto Tramontano (son and father) with their strong and true passion are very dedicated to the production of hand made works of art in their workshop in Sorrento, open every day from 9.30am till 10pm.


    The art of handmade inlaid wood work is an old and noble Italian tradition typical of the Sorrento area, and can only be performed by skilled and highly trained artisans whose craft is handled down from generation to generation for over 500 years;

    With Augusto it’s the third generation and with his son Luca the fourth generation of Tramontano’s to be engaged in this profession.

    Wood inlaid in an ancient and most difficult art, it is actually a decorative composition obtained by cutting, inserting and putting together different coloured pieces of wood to create design that is usually level with the surface.

    To produce the inlaid design the artisan first creates, from the veneer, wood sheets no ticker than 6 mm each using different kinds of wood to realise the different colours of the final design.

    Then each, piece is cut by hand with a knife. The pieces are then put into some hot sand for a few seconds to get the nuances of colour. Finally the inlaid pieces are combined to create the composition of the desired pictures.

    The inlaid are all produced by hand according to traditional methods some at remarkable levels of skill reached by craftsmen. Each particular work is a unique piece and its value is proportional to the quality level obtained.

    The quality levels are measured by many important factors: refinement of design, choice of woods, delicacy of the hand work and the perfect execution of final stages of glugging, dressing and refinements. Our workshop prides inlet in the consistent achievement of the finest quality in every aspect of its production.

    All the articles in the show room are guaranteed and signed by Augusto and Luca. The music box to which the inlaid pieces are applied is itself a work of art. Much of the production is  still  performed by the Italian craftsmen in the old fashioned way by hand. Each box is meticulously honed and varnished, the inside all lined with plush velvet. The entire box is covered with a high grade protective coating to insure its everlasting collectability.

    Finally, a beautiful and appropriate tune is selected and inserted into each box to play upon the opening of the lid. The sound of these musical works will greatly enhance your enjoyment of this music box!


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