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    The tradition of the Bartolozzi family regarding the leather craft had its origin with Giuseppe Bartolozzi (know as Mastro Peppe) born in 1883. He started his activity as saddle maker in Bagnoregio in the province of Viterbo and later on the tradition continued with his three suns Antonio, Augusto and Valeriano who worked independently in their own workshops mainly in the town of Tolfa in the Province of Rome.

    Over the last 40 years Lamberto Bartolozzi (son of Valeriano) continued and developed the leather craft as a saddle maker but more importantly he focused in the production of the original and world famous “Catana” bag.

    The workshop is now under the management of his daughter Valeria who started her apprenticeship in 2010 and carries on the tradition with passion, competence and dedication.

    The Catana bag, nowadays sold all over the world, is very strong and it is produced in a variety of models, measures and colours by using different and first quality materials.

    Inside the handy craft workshop it is possible to find unique pieces entirely realised by hand according to the old family tradition.

    The Saddlery is the most historic sector, with plenty of maremmana and military saddles, harness for horses, products for the horseman and leather accessories for practical use in the countryside.

    Today the most renowned product is the Catana bag but also a range of other bag styles for men and women, office and work. Other products in leather are wallets, belts and a series of objects one of a kind.

    For further information please contact us and we will be happy to satisfy your requirements.

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