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    We may be a business, but our name alone, i.e. “Nino and friends“, reveals our clear desire to present ourselves as a big family, a group of friends who share one single passion, that for things that are good, simple and authentic.

    The “friends” are the suppliers of our raw materials and all those other products we offer.

    To us they’re friends rather than just partners.
    We like to know their histories, to watch how their products become a reality, to discover them and to taste them… They are all people who share our philosophy of paying careful attention to quality and respecting our local area, its history and the culture of Italian food and wine.

    Our idea of ​​”Made in Italy” consists of: selecting the best our land has to offer, enhancing it and presenting it in an authentic way to those “guests” that visit our retail outlets.

    Our Mission: “to offer good, simple products of the highest quality that contain within them the flavours and aromas of our land.”

    Our motto is: “Goodness is created starting with simplicity.”

    Our commitment is: “a respect for the local area is at the heart of all our quality products that are healthy and authentic.”

    And then there’s one simple rule: “We do not produce, nor do we offer anything to our customers that we cannot recreate or use in our own kitchen,” in other words everything is: JUST SIMPLY GOOD.

    The only way of achieving all of this is by carefully and meticulously selecting our products and suppliers. We have refused to take the easier option and we have turned our back on semi-finished products, preservatives, colourants and adulteration.

    We want to know the history that lies behind every product that enters our production facility and our retail outlets in order to be sure of the quality that we offer.

    What we care about is that everything is strictly “Made in Italy”. This is the only way we can offer a handcrafted product that has a genuinely authentic taste. As though it were homemade. Indeed, it is homemade.


    For decades our Limoncello Limonoro has been made from a careful and meticulous selection of the best lemons of Sorrento (“femminello” variety), untreated and grown in the area beneath the characteristic “pagliarelle” or straw mats.

    The lemons, harvested in the early morning, reach the production facility in via San Cesareo where they are peeled only by hand and within two hours of their having been picked. This is in order to preserve the organoleptic characteristics that are at the heart of producing a higher quality product which effectively preserves the original aroma of freshly picked lemons.

    The freshly peeled lemon rinds are soaked in pure ethyl alchohol at 90°. The next step is to mix this semi-finished product with a syrup of sugar and water. This is followed by the filtering and bottling of our characteristic yellow liqueur which has an alcoholic content of 35% , a very decisive aroma and a truly exquisite taste.

    Besides the Limoncello Limonoro, in our production facility in Sorrento, in via San Cesareo 49 you’ll also find:

    Lemon Cream
    Melon Cream (Meloncello)
    Cocoa Cream
    Orange, mandarin, liquorice and wild fennel flavoured liqueurs.


    via San Cesareo, 67/C – tel. +39 081 877 16 93

    Sorrento – Limonoro
    via San Cesareo, 49 – tel. +39 878 53 48

    piazzetta Cerio, 4 – tel. +39 081 837 03 48

    viale Axel Munthe, 16 – tel. +39 081 837 39 67

    via Dei Pellegrini, 20 – 22 – tel. 0577 27 50 74

    Venezia – San Lio
    Salizada San Lio, 5581 – tel. 041 523 05 26

    Venezia  – San Giovanni Grisostomo
    Salizada San G. Grisostomo, 5758 – tel. +39 041 528 27 47

    Venezia – Lista di Spagna – NEXT OPENING
    Cannareggio 233/B – Lista di Spagna – Venezia

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